Vendor Love

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We've played all over this country, and in several others. We've seen some places, and worked with the people in charge of them. Here's a list of our local faves.


Your day is going to fly by, so it's important to make sure that the person responsible for documenting the day, is a true professional. Here's a few of our faves.


They've got to have a way with words & people, entertain all without stealing the show, believe in your love & make you feel at ease. Here's a few of our faves that do the I do's.


These guys will help you flesh out your dream wedding and have it go down with just that one all-important hitch. It's the biggest day of your life - so you want it to look & run exactly as you'd hoped. But... you don't want to have to be thinking about that on the day. Here's a list of some crew that are the best in the biz.

Pretty, Tasty & Fun

As they say in the classics, 'the little things make all the difference'. And not that everything here is only little... but the difference between booking something 'good' and something 'great', frequently translates to your your wedding day being talked about in the same way. If you're going for 'great', check out these great vendors.